Ceramics Study Club

(formerly China Students Club)

Dedicated to the Study & Appreciation of Ceramics

China Students' Club

Welcome to the Ceramics Study Club of Boston

Founded in 1934 (as the China Students' Club of Boston) we are the oldest organization in the United States formed specifically for the study and appreciation of ceramics. We have recently voted to update our name.

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, including antique dealers, museum curators and educators, auction personnel, authors, students and scholars, and private collectors.

What joins us together is a love of pottery and porcelain from around the world. We want to encourage anyone who is interested in attending a meeting or joining the Club to look through our index of information.

The Club offers an annual program of lectures, trips, and events. Guests are welcome at all meetings. Our Club lectures (unless otherwise noted) are held are held at King's Chapel Parish House on Beacon Hill.

Issues of SHARDS, the Club's newsletter, are posted on this site through ISSUU as they appear. Other up-to-date news appears on our FaceBook page entitled Ceramics Study Club of Boston.

Please go to https://www.facebook.com/ceramicsstudyBoston/, joining FaceBook if needed, and "like" the page.