Ceramics Study Club

(formerly China Students Club)

Dedicated to the Study & Appreciation of Ceramics

China Students' Club

75th Anniversary

The China Students Club's anniversary show was held at the Discover Portsmouth Center in 2011 and was attended by over 2000 people.
The first large panel introduced the Club (in its old name) and the FIRED UP exhibition as a whole, and it outlined some approaches to or motives for collecting:

These approaches were derived from reviewing members' responses to the question Why We Collect.

Each motive was further explored in smaller panels - see these links:

Smaller labels were also used, and some examples are included in the photo-gallery below.

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75th Anniversary Gallery

Fired by Form: Drinking Vessels Fired by Form: Teapots Moved By Earthenware Moved By Materials Intro Moved By Porcelain Moved By Stoneware